John 8:7 ” Jesus said, ‘Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.’”

This bible verse really speaks to me. Now unlike the woman is this story, I did not commit adultery. I did however get pregnant out of marriage. Suddenly I found myself being judged and looked at in a different way then what I was use to…

You see, I was that christian girl everyone use to look up to. I was a preschool leader for my church. I taught the kids right from wrong. In their eyes I was perfect.

When my pastor announced to the church that I was going to be having a baby and I was stepping down in the ministry for a while I was devastated. Boy did I love those kids. It was then when I realized I was forever going to be judged for my mistakes. I wanted to hide away in a dark hole somewhere forever; but then someone pointed out this story to me and suddenly everything felt a little easier.

You see, I am no better or worse than someone who steals or lies because to God, all sins are equal to each other. And out of all of this God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl.

I am strong because I chose to not take the easy way out. I chose to give my daughter life. I chose to put her needs before my own. Although it hurts to see people “casting stones” at me, I know God is proud of me and the choice I made. Even though I sinned, God rewarded me for the choice I made to keep his precious miracle.

Suddenly, I don’t mind if people judge me, because everyone sins, and God still loves us all.